Finding Escorts in London

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I’ve had sex before but with average looking girls because their personality was what attracted me to them, so sex was a by-product. I’ve seen a lot of independent escorts offering 30 minute sessions for £100. Some are underwear models but others are students in London looking for extra money. I’m attracted to all kinds of women but there is a particular woman who I have phoned and contacted through email. She’s 46 but still has a great body, a masters degree, lives in London alone. I’ve arranged to meet her this weekend for erotic purposes.

изтеглен файл (1)I’m wondering if this is a bad call? Has anyone hired these kinds of women before? Do they become clingy and pester you because they’re lonely? They are all educated, no STDs, no sex trade stuff, all legit people who love sex and making money on their own terms.

I find these women more mature, refined and understanding than the typical student girl. I get a huge thrill from the NSA sex and intimacy with model worthy women